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          Since 2004, founded by Civil Engineer Evandro Ruy da Costa Lima, our company has stood out in the construction of swimming pools and leisure areas.

          Over the years, we have become the trusted choice of large companies, establishing solid connections throughout the State of Rio de Janeiro and cities in Minas Gerais.


          Specializing in the construction and repair of masonry and vinyl pools and saunas, we seek to go beyond construction, transforming aquatic spaces into oases of relaxation and beauty.

Alessandra 01.jpg

          Guided by innovation, we continue to improve our techniques, creating unique projects that meet customer desires. Our history is marked by challenges overcome and relationships built on mutual trust.

          Looking to the future, we maintain the vision of leadership, driven by the passion for excellence. Every pool we build is more than a structure - it's atangible manifestation of our values and commitments. Join us on this extraordinary journey.


  • Swimming Pool Construction and Renovation
    • in Structural Masonry or Reinforced Concrete;
    • with Vinyl or Ceramic Coating;
  • Sauna Construction
  • Construction of Leisure Area, in general
  • Structure Drilling
  • Swimming Pool Renovation/Revitalization
  • Leak Detection
  • Projects
    • Architectural
    • Hydraulic
    • Electric
    • Isometric
    • Structural
  • Consultancy for all stages of the work, with technical guidance and specialized labor with supervision.
  • Public and Private Works Management
    • Cost Survey
    • Budget
    • Schedule Preparation
    • Supervision/Coordination
  • Slabs
  • Overalls
  • Wet Areas
    • bathrooms

    • Kitchens
    • balconies
  • Cistern / Reservoirs 
  •  Pools
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Pool
• Filter/Pump Assembly
• Accessory/Device
• Automatic Treatment
• Heating
• Underwater Lighting
• Anti-Panic System
• Thermal Cover
  • Steam room
  • Leisure Area Equipment
• Table and chair
• Umbrella
• Sun lounger
• Protection Fence
• Hydromassage Bathtub
• Hot tub


• Proactivity;

• Assertiveness;

• Owner attitude;

• Ethic;

• Focus on the Customer;

• Meeting deadlines and commitments;


Design and deliver civil engineering solutions with differentiated standards, better cost/benefit ratio, ethics and transparency to transform the dreams of our clients, employees, partners and society into possibilities.

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